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Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma, is the 29th largest city in the United States. It features a thriving economy, a downtown
entertainment district, and has been classified as one of 14 worldwide creativity districts. OKC is also the home of the NBA Thunder, has recently experienced an urban renaissance, and plans over a billion dollars in city improvements through its MAPS projects. From 1990 to 2000, Oklahoma City’s population grew more than 13%. Since 2005, OKC has had consistent growth of 5% per year and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. According to the 2010 census, the city’s population was 579,999, with an estimated metro-area population of 1,252,987. Located in the heart of country, OKC boasts a land-area of 622.5 square miles, making it the 3rd largest land area for any city in the nation. With turnpikes and major highways such as I-35, I-40, I-44, I-235, I-240 and the world-famous Route 66 intersecting in Oklahoma City, it is very easy to navigate; and with an average commute on only 20 minutes, it has been ranked as the 6th most drivable city in the U.S. by msn.com. Oklahoma City’s growth and resilience serve as a prime location for future investments. During the past decade, the metro area has seen unprecedented growth, while providing superb business and living costs, a skilled workforce and an exceptional business climate. Take a closer look at the city, and you’ll see why more people are building a future in this vibrant city full of promise.


Named the most “Recession-Proof City in America” by Forbes 2008.
Historically, OKC has been a community known for overcoming adversity, and recovering from the current economic crisis will be no different. According to economists from Moody’s Analytics, “Oklahoma should be among the first to make the leap from recovery to expansion.” The state has been shielded from the economic tempest by a stable housing market, high energy prices, and a diverse economy. Although federal, state, and local government are the largest employers in OKC, the oil and natural gas sector generates the largest revenues, and other sectors–including information technology, biosciences, aerospace technology, health care
and manufacturing–thrive. OKC is the corporate headquarters of Sonic Drive-In, Devon Energy, Chesapeake and others, and there are a number of large employers in the area including Tinker Air Force Base, Boeing, Dell, the FAA and Xerox, among others. Due to this economic diversification, the metropolitan area’s economic output grew by 33% between 2001 and 2005, and had a gross metropolitan product of $43.1 billion in 2005. In 2008, Forbes magazine named Oklahoma City the most “recession proof city in America”. The magazine reported that the city had falling unemployment, one of the strongest housing markets in the country and solid growth in energy, agriculture and manufacturing.